Ra Gamboa Designer

I have a special passion of working with recycled materials, and one of the reasons why I like to look old stuff is because there is a story in each of the parts and that gives a special character. I also believe that in this era in which we live now we need to think about reuse as much as possible to help the world in some way.


Many of the pieces I make are often made using historical reclaimed materials. II bealiv

I upcycle and reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original and turn it into new products. 


My first project was to design the interior of Couleur Cafe 435 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 

It was a great experience and then there also designed the interior of Cafe Dada http://www.cafedadany.com,


I came to New York City in 2004 from Mexico City, to work in advertising 

In 2009, after 5 years, I left advertising and I started Booonk a custom-made multifunctional bedroom for kids with space saving and creative features.

At the same time I create raw- woodwork.

I live and work in Brooklyn, NY.